Online Health Management System

Tracks Safety

Platform for the management of health in risk activities and rural areas.

Staff management

It improves the availability of information for the staff and working group of organizations of these activities.

Integration and digitalization

It allows to centralize all the health information so that it is available, speeding up the decision making and the resolution of emergencies.

Continuous innovation

With the constant feedback from users, the evolution of the system manages to solve new problems and be practical and accessible.

How does it work?

Each organizer has an account where they can manage all of their information, creating trips and events which their participants can join on the same site.

On the participants’ end, upon creating an account, they can complete a medical record, keep it updated with the most recent information, and associate themselves with the different destinations and events of the organizers.

In this way, the organizer has efficient and organized control of all of the information provided by the participant prior to participating in a trip or activity. Thus they are able to account for any potential health risk well in advance.

Streamlining the exchange of information between the organizers of extreme sports and their participants

Management of group statistics for the organization and individual statistics for the participant

Who are we?

We are a constantly innovating, multidimensional company supported by legal, medical, informatic, and administrative advice. We aim to provide solutions that help organizers maintain high quality information about the health and potential risks of their clients, and are constantly working to incorporate the feedback of our users.

We hope to provide solutions that help organizers maintain risk and health information of high quality, always working to incorporate the constant feedback of our users.